The True United Nation


What our civilization is going trough is not a conflict between different religions, race, color, ethnicity, sex ……

It is a War between good and evil.

Stop fueling their agenda by taking part in our separation. When you listen to the news ask yourself, how this would affect good people on earth?

If you believing good and would like to build a better future for our kids to come, Join us.

Humans history is full of challenges that has been overcome by their unity, and now in 2022 is only by Unity in Diversity.

                                                  We the   People                                                          


The True United Nation

To Promotes Education, Peace and Wealth for all humans through Productivity.

We the People of the Earth, in Order to form peaceful plant, perfect Earth and Union, promote Term limits on all political positions, Promote secure election for all Political positions, establish Justice, law & order, ensure people to keep and bear arms for domestic tranquility, and to promote for the common defense, promote free secure internet access for all, promote real news channels for people by the most secure and trusted source. Promote the general welfare for the mentally or physically disabled, and secure the Blessings of liberty, freedom and independence to ourselves and our Posterity, for all people do ordain and establish,

The True United Nation.

Preamble has one objective, Unity among all humans. We are not connected to any government or entity other than people. We will build an organization by the people for people.

We are united together to achieve peace and harmony between ourselves, regardless of our nationality, religion, race, color, sex, age and ethnic background. We all agree that there is a higher power that brought us to this world and created all matters and this is our common sign of unity. We all  accept our differences and we would like to create a world with harmony and peace and equal right for all humans around the world.

Accordingly, our respective Wise and educated, through representatives assembled in will establish an international organization to be known as The True United Nations.

The United Nation that is exist today is actually the United Governments and do not representative the people of their country. As result they should be dissolving or change their name to United Governments.


The most important and fundamental Unity of all is our Family.

  1. Create a group.
  2. Bring your family and friends in your group.
  3. Encourage others to do the same.

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