Manchin says wait until July before resuming talks on scaled-back climate and tax bill

A spokesperson for Mr Manchin says Democrats must ‘adjust to the economic realities the country faces to avoid taking steps that add fuel to the inflation fire’

Power in American History

Holcombe’s View on the Growth of Government

The United States of America was, as Lincoln famously said, “conceived in liberty,” but in less than two centuries a different lodestar became fixed in the cultural firmament: the principle of democra...


Zelensky, 2022, Stalin 1942: the US propaganda

America’s sudden love affair with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Kiev’s military forces is reminiscent of an old campaign to exalt a previous ally of geopolitical circumstance: Soviet dicta...

Sri Lanka crisis

Sri Lanka crisis: How do you fix a broken country?

(CNN)For years it had been one of Sri Lanka’s grandest and most heavily guarded buildings, serving as the official residence and state office of the President. But all that changed on ...

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